Marissa Mayer disappoints me. I think everyone was excited when she came on board as Yahoo CEO, she seemed like a cool CEO, and there was real potential to be different. Then comes the sucker punch. If you want to get rid of deadbeat employees… fire them, lay them off, whatever. But this policy against working from home seems like a step backwards for a high tech company. I guess Yahoo does have a “different” kind of CEO. It’s just a different that employees aren’t going to like.

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Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo

Once again, Marissa Mayer disappoints me. Yahoo just announced that employees would no longer be permitted to work from home as of June.

This signals a major step backwards for working parents. If a typical male technology CEO made this decision, there would be outrage, of course. But to come from a new mother  who is a CEO? It feels like a sucker punch – and hardly believable. Yet there it is.

There are many industries where you must be at work in person, but technology is not one of them.  As a marketing consultant to an international software company, I have worked both remotely and in the office. There are definitely professional and social benefits to being in the office, but I have found that the physical location of my workspace does not affect my productivity or creativity.

Today, I work exclusively from home…

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